Ayşe Aysun Sandıkcıoğlu

Style of Art : Artist / ceramist
Branch of Art : Ceramics
Art Profile :

Ayşe Aysun Sandıkçıoğlu was born in Balıkeşir in 1962. She finished her primary and middle school education in Balkeşir. She studied two years at Izmir Turk College and completed Balıkesir Koray High School. Between 1981 and 1983, she studied at the Osanor Education Program in the Department of Machine Drafting of Bursa Tophane Industrial Vocational High School, and graduated as a drafter. Sandıkçıoğlu graduated from the Ceramics and Glass Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylül University in 1986. Between 1984 and 1986, she worked as a drafter at Istanbul Mecidiyeköy Çanakkale Ceramic Gallery. She continued her master’s degree at her alma mater and completed it with her master thesis “PLASTİC Transformation of Military Band Mehter, Traditional Clothes and Musical Instruments into Ceramic Art Objects” in 2009. Sandıkcıoğlu has had one solo exhibition and has participated in many group exhibitions and seminars in Turkey and abroad. Currently, she continues her work at A&A Art Gallery in Izmir.

2002, Turgut Pura Foundation Sculpture Competition, Izmir City Tourism Special Award, Izmir
2005, Çanakkale 18 Mart University “Çanakkale Ceramics from the Past to Present”, Composition Special Award, Çanakkale
2006, 67th State Painting and Sculpture Competition Success Award, Ankara
2008-, 18 Mart Çanakkale Maritime Victory Ceramics Composition Success Award, Izmir

Solo Exhibition:
2010, "Conquest Helmets From Past to Present", Military Museum Harbiye, Istanbul
2010, "Reflections From Mehter to Modern Art", Basilica Cistern Sultanahmet, Istanbul
2010, “Mehter I”, Çetin Emeç Art Gallery, Izmir

Group Exhibitions:
2002, "Coinbox", Turgut Pura Foundation Sculpture Competition Exhibition, Izmir Center for Arts Exhibition Hall, Izmir
2002, "Coinbox", Ceramics Division Student′s Exhibition, Narlıdere Municipality Cultural Center Art Gallery, Izmir
2003, "Geçiş 1" (Transition 1), Turgut Pura Foundation Sculpture Competition Exhibition, Izmir Center for Arts Exhibition Hall, Izmir
2004, "Geçiş 2" (Transition 2), Ceramics Division Educators and Students′ Exhibition, Izmir Terminal Gallery, Izmir
2005, "Ötanazi" (Euthanasia), Reflections Student Exhibition, Sabancı Cultural Center, Izmir
2005, "Truva 1" (Troia 1), Çanakkale 18 Mart University, "Çanakkale Ceramic from the Past to Our Day" competition′s exhibition, Terzioğlu Campus, Rectorship Exhibition Hall, Çanakkale
2005, "Geçiş" (Passage), Turgut Pura Foundation Sculpture Competition′s Exhibition, Izmir Center for Arts Exhibition Hall, Izmir
2005, "Truva′nın Hilesi" (Troia′s Cheat), 66th State Painting and Sculpture Competition′s Exhibition, Ankara
2006, "Truva 3" (Troia 3), "Truva 5" (Troia 5), 67th State Painting and Sculpture Competition′s exhibition, Ankara
2007, "Yaşam-Yalan=Gerçek" (Life-Lies=Truth), Ceramics Division Educators and Students Exhibition, Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Science and Literature, Izmir
2008, "Gerçek" (Truth), 18 Mart, Çanakkale Maritime Victory Ceramics
2009, "Truva" (Troia), UNICUM 09, the first International Triennial of Ceramics, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2010, "Oluşum 1, Oluşum 2, Yansımalar", Art′s Anatolian Enlightenment Project, the Marmara Pera Art Gallery, Istanbul

Reference: A.Aysun Sandıkçıoğlu Geçmişten Bugüne Fetih Başlıkları, Istanbul: Art Club, 2010, lebriz.com, artclub.com.tr

Web Site : www.aysunsandikcioglu.com
Email : a.aysunsan@hotmail.com
City : Izmir
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0535. 435 83 63
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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