Ayfer Karamani

Style of Art : Artist / sculptor
Branch of Art : Sculpture
Art Profile :

Ayfer Karamani was born in 1933. After graduating from the Department of Textile and Ceramics at the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1957, she started making ceramic works at her workshop, which was built at home by her husband Sabit Karamani. She had her first design exhibition at Galatasaray High School in 1954. Since then, Karamani has had many solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. She won a silver medal in the Prague International Ceramic Exhibition in 1962. Karamani has made more than 20 monuments and wall panels for many buildings such as bank brunches and hotels. Her works can be seen in many private collections in Turkey, the US, England, Germany, France and Japan. In 2007, Karamani celebrated her 50th anniversary as a ceramist with her retrospective exhibition at the Is Art Gallery. In 2011, she had her solo exhibition “Ceramic Sculptures” in the garden of the Istanbul Archaeology Museum. Currently, she continues to work and teaches at her workshop in Istanbul.

Reference: vitraseramiksanatatolyesi.org, istanbularkeoloji.gov.tr, bigglook.com

City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :