Albert Bitran

Style of Art : Artist / painter
Branch of Art : Painting, graphic, and ceramics
Art Profile :

Albert Bitran was born in Istanbul in 1929. He went to Paris to study and had an education at the Saint-Michel Dormitory, followed by architectural studies in 1948. After experimenting with the geometrical art, Albert Bitran soon found his own personal style in the abstract paintings which lead him to his first exhibition at Galerie Amaud in 1951 in Paris. The grand gestural and restless strokes with the lyric sense of form and attention on the color and the materials density, was a challenge to the concrete artists emphasizing on the flat adaptation on the surface. From a rational approach to arts & crafts production, arose a renewed interest in fantasy, creativity and spontaneity and in this way Albert Bitran began in the late fifties to work with a more free and expressive style, where the interaction between the linear architectural and the picturesque, influenced his work. Since 1956, Bitran has had many solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions not only in France but also in the U.S., Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Cuba and Japan.

Selected exhibitions
Stephan Gallery, New York
Galliera Museum, Cuba
Randers Kunstmuseum, Denmark
Galerie Arta, Den Haag
Saint-Dié museum, France
Galerie Apollinaire, Milan
Seibu Internatinal, Tokyo
Galerie Gilles Corbeil, Montreal
Bertrand  Russel Centenary Art, London
National Art Gallery, New Zealand
Selected representations
Statens Museum for Kunst, Denmark
Contemporary Art Society, London
Modern Museum, Salzburg
Geemente Museum, Holland
Museum of Rhodes Island, USA
Foundation for graphic art, Los Angeles, USA
Randers Kunstmuseum
Istanbul Museum, Turkey
Contemporary Art Society; Oslo, Norway

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City : Paris
Country : France
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English / French
Images :