Ahmet Duran Yaşın

Style of Art : Master craftsman / block printer
Branch of Art : Block printing (yazma)
Art Profile :

Ahmet Duran Yaşın was born in Tokat in 1975. He started making block prints when he was a child. He dropped out from high school since he knew what he was going to do for his life, and learned how to make block prints from his family. Because of financial concerns, Yaşın took a break from block printing, and opened a bakery to make bread from 2000 to 2006. Yaşın currently works at his family’s company Yaşın Yazma to make block prints in Tokat. He has participated in many handicrafts fairs in Turkey.

Foundation : Yaşın Traditional Printing
Web Site : www.yasinyazima.com
Email : yasinyazma@hotmail.com
City : Tokat
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0356. 232 91 13 / 0542. 411 30 61
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :