Ahmet Beyhan Fıstıkçı

Style of Art : Master craftsman / mother-of-pearl inlaid worker
Branch of Art : Mother-of-pearl inlaid work
Art Profile :

Ahmet Beyhan Fıstıkçı was born in 1980. Works of inlaid with mother-of-pearl are a traditional art in his hometown of Gaziantep. He had an interest in this work while watching his brother′s job. For over 10 years, Fıstıkçı has been using mother-of-pearl to inlay wooden furniture and accessories. He currently continues his family business.

Foundation : Sedefkar Sedef
Web Site : www.sedefkarsedef.com
Email : info@sedefkarsedef.com
City : Gaziantep
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0342. 232 42 47/ 0537. 730 79 17
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :