Adem Akkuş

Style of Art : Master craftsman / Marbling (Ebru) artist
Branch of Art : Marbling (Ebru)
Art Profile :

Adem Akkuş was born in Kırıkkale in 1971 and finished middle and high school. In 1989 he entered the Physical Department of Cumhuriyet University. During his education, Akkuş also had private painting lessons for four years and had eight solo exhibitions. He had three ebru solo exhibitions and eight workshops after moving to Duzce in 1999. Adem Akkuş brought some innovations in the art of Ebru. He continues to work at his own workshop.

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City : Düzce
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0380. 411 17 63/ 0505. 403 31 40
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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