Adalet Özdürük

Style of Art : Master craftsman / Marbling (Ebru) artist
Branch of Art : Marbling (Ebru)
Art Profile :

Adalet Özdürük was born in Sivas. She graduated from the School of Business at Anadolu University. Özdürük has made ebru and batik works for many years. She has had six solo exhibitions (two in Ankara, four in abroad: France, Germany and Holland). Özdürük applies ebru to different materials such as papers, textiles, woods and candles, but generally prefers to use papers and textiles. She has participated in many fairs and competitions, which are organized by Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Özdürük continues to make ebru art at her own workshop and to give ebru classes as well.

Email :
City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0312. 212 62 00 (7263)/ 0536. 468 80 84
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :