Abdurrakip Çetin

Style of Art : Master craftsman / hand-weaver
Branch of Art : Hand weaving: Siirt Blanket
Art Profile :

Abdurrakip Çetin was born in 1973. After he finished primary school, he began weaving local blankets. A Siirt blanket is one of the most important local handicrafts. This blanket is made from spinning mohair with a spindle, then weaving handmade yarn on a local loom and combing the weaving for making it smooth. Çetin started this traditional weaving at the age of 16 and became a craftsman. He has also earned a certificate for teaching craftsman.

Foundation : Çetin Battaniyecilik
City : Siirt
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0544. 890 65 75
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :