Prof. Tülin Onat

Style of Art : Artist / painter
Branch of Art : Painting
Art Profile :

Prof. Tülin Onat was born in Istanbul in 1946. She graduated from the Department of Advanced Painting at Istanbul State Fine Arts Academy (Mimar Sinan University) in 1970. She studied with Prof. Adnan Çoker, Prof. Zeki Faik İzer and Prof. Özdemir Altan. She continued her master’s degree at her alma mater between 1970 and 1971. In 1973, she was given a scholarship by the Austrian Government to study at the Salzburg Internationale Sommer Academie für Bildende Kunst. In 1977, she began teaching at Marmara University. She completed her doctoral degree with proficiency arts at Marmara University in 1985. Onat became an Associate Professor in 1990. Between 1967 and 1993, she researched painting and arts in museums and galleries in Europe. In 1987, Onat established Derimod Culture Centre with Hasan Yelmen and realized retrospective exhibitions. She has had many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. As of today, Onat continues to teach at Marmara University.

1977, II. DYO Exhibition, Honor Certificate
1988, Bandırma International Culture and Tourism Festival
1988, Exhibition of the 400th Anniversary of Mimar Sinan
1988, Exhibition of State Painting and Sculpture 
1989, Artists of Today
1989, Beauty of Istanbul Art Activities

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
1980, State Fine Arts Gallery, Istanbul
1981, Painting and Sculpture Museum, Izmir
1981, Turkuaz Art Gallery, Ankara
1981, 100. Yıl Art Gallery, Tekirdağ
1983, Gallery Baraz, Istanbul
1983, Caddebostan Fine Arts Gallery, Istanbul
1984, Kibele Art Gallery, Ankara
1984, Atatürk Education Faculty, Art Gallery, Istanbul
1984, Sabanci Holding Culture Site, Adana
1985, Akbank Art Gallery, Bursa
1985, Akbank Art Gallery, Eskişehir
1987, State Fine Arts Gallery, Istanbul
1991, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul
1992, Kazim Taskent Art Gallery, Istanbul
1993, Kemal Satir Art Gallery, Adana
1993, Gallery Zon, Ankara
1993, Gallery B, Istanbul
1995, Kunst Raum, Berlin
1996, Derimod Art Center, Istanbul
1997, Emlak Art Gallery, Ankara
1999, Pi Artworks, Istanbul (Antikaos)
2001, İş Bank, Istanbul
2002, Pi Artworks, Istanbul
Selected Group Exhibitions:
1990, Teacher’s exhibition, Kadiköy Culture Center, Istanbul
1990, Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Istanbul and Ankara
1990, Big Exhibition II. Istanbul and Ankara
1991, Marmara University Group Exhibition, Vienna, Salzburg, Linz
1991, Contemporary Artists Exhibitions, Istanbul
1992, Paper Works, Derimod Culture Center, Istanbul
1993, Exhibition with Özdemir Altan, Istanbul
1993, Women′s Artists: From the Republic to the Present
1993, Toward the End of the 20th Century, Gallery B, Istanbul
1993, Let′s Save the World, Istanbul
1994, Summer Exhibition, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul
1994, Meeting, Derimod Art Center, Istanbul
1995, 3 x3 Ayşe Art Gallery, Istanbul
1995, Traditional Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Istanbul
1995, "Yes to Art" Exhibition, Ataturk Culture Center, Istanbul
1995, Die Kunst All Fann Kassel
1995, A Light in Our Heart, Artemis Art Gallery, Istanbul
1995, Painting Association in our Gallery, Istanbul
1995, Yıldız Palace Exhibition, Istanbul
1996, Habitat Exhibition with the Concept of "Öteki", Istanbul
1996, Teacher’s Exhibition, Istanbul 
1997, AKM Afife Jale Exhibition, Istanbul
2001, Workshop, Art Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul
2001, Middle East Technical University Art Festival 3, Ankara
2001, Women’s Biennial, Tüyap, Istanbul
2002, Empati, Lütfü Kırdar, Istanbul
2003, Art Home, Başkalık-Özgülük Exhibition, Istanbul
2003, Cey Art Gallery, an exhibition of three artists, Istanbul
2003, Middle East Technical University, Art Festival 5, Ankara
2003, International Contemporary Art Meeting "Sınır Ötesi", Istanbul
2003, Art in Akmerkez, Istanbul
2003, İlayda Art Gallery, Seçkin-Erk Exhibition, Istanbul
2003, Teksin Art Gallery, the Exhibition of Printing Painting From Maestro, Istanbul

Foundation : Marmara University
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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0532. 511 07 71
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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