Şahika Tekand

Style of Art : Actress, playwright, director
Branch of Art : Film, theater
Art Profile :

Şahika Tekand was born in 1959. She graduated from the Department of Theatre and Acting in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylül University. She completed her doctoral degree at her alma mater. In 1984, Tekand started her theatre and cinema acting career. She worked in the Dostlar Theatre and performed in several films. In 1988, she established the acting studio named “Studio.” In 1990, she founded her own theater group, “Studio Oyuncuları” with her husband, Esat Tekand. They trained many famous actors. Tekand also directed several plays and performances including the “five plays” which she wrote. She has taught at several universities. She developed her own staging and acting method and published a book titled "Performable Staging and Acting." In 1993, Tekand was awarded Jury Special Prize for the film “Sarı Tebessüm” in the 5th Ankara Film Festival. She has participated in many national and international festivals. Tekand has acted in 19 films between 1982 and 1997. As of today, she continues her art engagement at the Studio Oyuncuları.

Dost Eller, 1982
Adı Vasfiye, 1985
Kadının Adı Yok, 1987
Anayurt Oteli, 1987
Gece Yolculuğu, 1987
Kara Sevdalı Bulut, 1987
Afife Jale, 1987
Bir Avuç Gökyüzü, 1987
Su da Yanar, 1987
Yedi Uyuyanlar, 1988
Ekran Aşıkları, 1989
Ahi Evran, 1989
Sessiz Fırtına, 1989
Kurt Kanunu, 1991
Yıldızlar Gece Büyür, 1991
Sarı Tebessüm, 1992
Yengeç Sepeti, 1994
Batık Aşklar Müzesi, 1994
Akrebin Yolculuğu, 1997

Selected plays as an actress and director:
Galileo Galilei,  Dostlar Theatre, 1984-85 (as an actress)
Happy Days, Studio Oyuncuları, 1992 (as an actress and director)
Five Short Plays, Studio Oyunları, 1993 (as an actress and director)
Becoming A Rhinoceros, Written by: Sahika Tekand, Studio Oyuncuları, 1994 (as an actress and director)
End Game, Studio Oyuncuları, 1998 (as a director)
The Dumb Waiter, Studio Oyuncuları, 1998 (as a director)
(Play)er, Written by: Sahika Tekand, Studio Oyuncuları, 2000 (as an actress and director)
The Days Before, 2001 (as an actress)
Where is Oedipus?, Studio Oyuncuları, 2002 (as an actress and director)
Oedipus in Exile, Studio Oyuncuları, 2004 (as a director)
Euridice’s Cry, Studio Oyuncuları, 2006 (as an actress and director)
Fear of Darkness, Studio Oyuncuları, 2008 (as an actress and director)

Reference: studiooyunculari.com, tr.wikipedia.org

Web Site : /www.studiooyunculari.com/default.asp?2,3
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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