Gülriz Sururi

Style of Art : Actress
Branch of Art : Theater plays
Art Profile :

Gülriz Sururi was born in Istanbul in 1929. In 1942, she acted first time in the Children’s Department of the Istanbul Municipality Theatre. She started acting at the Muammer Karaca Community in 1955 and continued to act in the Dormen Theatre in 1960. In 1961, she received the İlhan İskender Award as the best actress for her role in the play “Sokak Kızı İrma” at the Dormen Theatre. In 1962, Sururi founded “Gülriz Sururi-Engin Cezzar Theatre” with Engin Cezzar. In 1966, she received the best actress prize for her role in the theater production “Teneke.” In the same year, she was chosen as the "Woman of the Year" by the Turkish Women′s Union. In 1971, she won "best actress" for her role in the play “Hint Kumaşı.” Between 1979 and 1980, Sururi performed in the play “Uzun İnce Bir Yok” with Mehmet Akan. She received Avni Dilligil "the Best Actress" award for her role of Edith Piaf in the musical “Kaldırım Serçesi” (1982-1983); the Altan Artemis Prize from Izmir Journalists Association; and the Superstar Theater Actor Prize from Milliyet News Paper (1983). Sururi has performed as many different roles not only in dramas but also comedies and musicals. She has directed plays as well. She presented the cooking program “A La Luna” on TV in the 1990s. In 1998, she received the title of "State Artist" by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In 2016, Sururi received an endeavor award in the TAKSAV International Izmir Theater Festival.

Sururi has published six books: “Kıldan ince Kılıçtan keskince" (Istanbul, 2002), “Bir an Gelir” (Istanbul 2003), “Girmediğin Sokaklarda” (Istanbul, 2003), “Biz Kadınlar” (Istanbul, 2003), “Gülriz’in Mutfağından” (Istanbul 2003), and “Seni Seviyorum” (Istanbul, 2004).

2016, TAKSAV International Izmir Theater Festival, Endeavor Award
1983, Izmir Journalists Society, Altan Ertemiz Award
1983, Milliyet Superstar Theater Actor Award
1970, İlhan İskender Theater Award 1983, Avni Dilligil Award
1966, Turkish Women Union, the “best woman in the year” Award
1965, İlhan İskender Theater Award
1961, İlhan İskender Theater Award (Sokak Kızı İrma)

Reference: tr.wikipedia.org; dogankitap.com; images.google.com.tr

Web Site : www.gulrizsururi.com
Email : gulriz@gulrizsururi.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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