Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu

Style of Art : Actress, director
Branch of Art : Theater play, film, TV series
Art Profile :

Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu was born in Istanbul in 1956. She entered the Faculty of Journalism and Public Relations of Istanbul University in 1974 but she left the university and went to Frankfurt, Germany to learn German. She joined theater companies and started working as an actress. After she returned to Turkey, Şamlıoğlu studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Middle East Technical University, but she left the Faculty again and worked at the Anadolu Agency for a year. She also worked at a private advertising agency.

Şamlıoğlu graduated from the Theater Department of the Ankara State Conservatory at Hacettepe University. She began working as an actress and assistant director at the Adana State Theatre in 1982. In 1988-1989 she taught acting at Hacettepe University. She also served as a general secretary in the State Theatres. Şamlıoğlu has directed and acted in many plays at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre and the Semaver Company. In 2009 she was appointed to the general art director in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre.

Besides theater plays, Şamlıoğlu has acted in numerous TV series and films. She became famous for her roles in the TV series "Ferhunde Hanımlar," "Bizim Evin Halleri" and "Yol Arkadaşım." She has received many awards for her performance. Şamlıoğlu currently continues her work in Istanbul.

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Foundation : Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English / German
Images :