Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Yüksel

Style of Art : Critic, writer, academician, translator
Branch of Art : Turkish Theatre
Art Profile :

Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Yüksel was born in Istanbul in 1941. She graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature in the Faculty of Letters at Istanbul University in 1964. In 1966 she pursued her Master’s degree at New York University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with a scholarship. After returning to Turkey, Yüksel started translating poems, essays, and novels. Her writings have been published in many magazines and journals such as "Çevirileri," "Yelken," "Türk Dili," "Ataç," and "Eylem." In 1969 she went to New York again to study drama at the New School. In the next year, she went back to Turkey and moved to Ankara to complete her doctoral degree at the Theatre Department of Ankara University. In 1970-1971 she taught at Middle Eastern Technical University. In 1981 she also taught at Ankara University. In 1987 she left Middle East Technical University and became an Associate Professor (1985) and Professor (1992) at Ankara University. Prof. Yüksel served as the Chair of the Department of English Language and Literature at Ankara University in 2003-2006. After retiring, she has continued teaching at the Department of English Language and Literature and the Theater Department of Ankara University.

Prof. Dr. Yüksel is a general secretary of International Theatre Institute, and a member of the International Association of Theatre Critics, board member of Theatre Critics Association, publication board member of Bilkent University Journal of Turkish Literature, consultative committee member of Nazım Hikmet Foundation, member of the Turkish PEN Writers Association, member of the International PEN Club, member of the litterateurs Association, board member of the Association of Turkish-English Culture, and advisory committee member of the International Ankara Theatre Festival.

Prof. Dr. Yüksel has received many awards including an honorable award from the Art Society (2006) and a special Award in the 15th Afife Theatre Awards (2011). She has written articles for various encyclopedias such as Britannica, World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Drama and Campton. Prof. Yüksel also writes columns and articles for Cumhuriyet newspaper, Milliyet Art Magazine, Evrensel Kitap-lık, and Bilim ve Sanat.

"Dram Sanatında Sınırları Zorlamak" (Istanbul: Mitos-Boyut Yayınları, 2013)
"Samuel Beckett Tiyatrosu" (Istanbul: Habitus Kitap, 2012)
"Dram Sanatında Ezgi ve Uyum" (Istanbul: Mitos Boyut Yayınları, 2011)
"Elveda Dünya Merhaba Kainat Memet Baydur′un Ardından" (Istanbul: Mitos Boyut Yayınları, 2002)
"Sahneden İzdüşümler 1975 – 2000" (Istanbul: Mitos Boyut Yayınları, 2000)
"Çağdaş Türk Tiyatrosundan On Yazar" (Istanbul: Mitos Boyut Yayınları, 1997)
"Haldun Taner Tiyatrosu" (Istanbul: Bilgi Yayınevi, 1996)
"Yapısalcılık ve Bir Uygulama Melih Cevdet Anday Tiyatrosu" (Istanbul: Gündoğan Yayınları


City : Bodrum
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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