Ayla Algan

Style of Art : Actress
Branch of Art : Film, theater, TV series
Art Profile :

Ayla Algan was born in Istanbul in 1937. She spent her childhood in France where she studied at Notre Dame de Sion High School and Versailles Lycee. She moved to the USA where she joined the New York Actors Studio as an actress. Later she joined the Language and Culture Center in Turkey and worked as a theatre actress and instructor. In 1964, she made her film debut in "Karanlıkta Uyananlar" directed by Ertem Göreç. After achieving a great deal of success in film and theatre, she started a successful singing career. In 1971 she played in the theater of Paris Olympia. She won the second prize in the Golden Orfe singing competition in 1973 and presented Turkey to the world. She continues to work as an actress in TV dramas and teaches classes in the “yaratcı ve çağdaş tiyatro teknikleri” (the technique for the creative and modern theater). In 2016 Algan received an honorary award in the 23rd International Adana Film Festival.

Web Site : www.atolyeaylaalgan.com
Email : info@aylaalgan.com.tr
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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