Ayda Aksel

Style of Art : Actress, voice actress
Branch of Art : Theater play, film, TV series
Art Profile :

Ayda Aksel was born in Istanbul in 1962. She graduated from the Theater Department at Mimar Sinan University. She acted in various plays in the State Theatre for 15 years. She then transferred to the Sadri Alışık Theatre. Aksel has also acted in many films and TV series such as "Kaçıklık diploması" (1998) , "Hatırla Sevgili" (2006), "Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever" (2011), "Yalancı Bahar" (TV series, 2011), "Zengin Kız Fakir Oğlan" (TV series, 2012), "Aşk Kırmızı" (2013), and "Mandıra Filozofu" (2013). Aksel also taught acting at the Diyalog Anlatım İletişim. She has received many awards such as the "Best Supporting Actress" in the 16th Sadri Alışık Awards in 2011, the "Most Successful Actress" in the Afife Theatre Awards and the Lions Theatre Awards in 2007. Aksel currently continues her work in Istanbul.

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Foundation : Sadri Alışık Theatre
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :