Prof. Süleyman Saim Tekcan

Style of Art : Artist / painter
Branch of Art : Graphic art, original print
Comment : The Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts,Işık University, The Board Chairman of IMOGA Museum
Art Profile :

Süleyman Saim Tekcan was born in Trabzon in 1940. He graduated from the Painting Department of Ankara Gazi Education Institute in 1963. He studied at the Painting Department of Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (Mimar Sinan University) and completed his competence in arts education at the faculty of the same university. In 1968-1975, he worked as a member of the academic staff at Atatürk Education Faculty. In 1970-1971, he carried out research in Germany on printmaking. Tekcan started to teach at Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts in 1975. In 1985, he received a professorship and was appointed to the Chair of the Graphic Art Department. In 1987, He gave a two-month Original Prints Seminar in Sarajevo Arts Academy. In 1991, He gave an Original Print Seminar at Ankara Bilkent University. In the same year, he gave two conferences in Bonn, Germany, named "12 Artist in Turkish Graphic Art" and "A cross-section of Contemporary Turkish Painting". In 1994-1995, he became the Dean of the Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University as well as the Head of Graphic Arts Department. In 1996, he established the Fine Arts Faculty of Yeditepe University, which began its educational activities in Büyükada and was the Dean during its first year.


Istanbul Atatürk Education Faculty′s Etching, Lithography, Silk-screen, Printamking Studios, Istanbul Technical University′s Etching and Silk-screen and Printmaking Studios, Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (Mimar Sinan University) Etching and Silk-screen Printmaking Studios, Çamlıca Original Printmaking Studio, Etching, Lithography and Printmaking Studios.


1976-77, Solo exhibitions, Istanbul, Ankara; 1978, Solo exhibitions, Istanbul; 1982, Solo exhibitions, Istanbul, Ankara; 1984, Vakko Art Gallery, Orginal Print, Ankara; Art Gallery of Garanti Bank, Oil Painting, Istanbul; 1987, Destek Art Gallery,Orginal Print and Oil painting, Istanbul; 1988, Original Prints, Rome, Italy; Vakko Art Galley Original Print, Istanbul, Izmir; 1989, Original Print, Vienna, Austria; 1990, Teşvikiye Art Gallery Oil Painting and Original Prints Exhibitions (Istanbul); Original Print , Bayreuth, Germany; Garanti Bank Art Galley Oil painting and orginal print, Istanbul; 1991, Original Print, Bonn, Germany;1992, Armoni Art Galley, Ankara; 1993, Artisan Art Galley, Istanbul;1997, Orkun Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya; Ayvalık Art Galley; Köln Art Fair, Inge Beckermann Art Galley; Turkish Painting Art Exhibition .Köln, Germany; 1998, Siyah Beyaz Art Galley, Ankara; Tolga Eti Art Galley, Istanbul; 1999, Kütahya Porcelain Art Gallery, Istanbul; Art from Turkey ,Köln, Germany; 2000, Siyah Beyaz Art Galley "Black and White horses and paintings", Ankara; Art Gallery Selvin "Bronze Horses Exhibition", Ankara; Artisan "Bronze Horses Exhibition", Istanbul; 2001, Izmir Vakko Art Gallery "Bronze Horses Exhibition", Izmir; 2002, Kare Art Galley "Bronze Horses Exhibition", Istanbul; 2003, "Cream Art", Art Galley, Oil Painting ,Istanbul; 2004, Ortaköy Art Galley ,Istanbul; 2004, "Artist Prints from the Studio of Master Tekcan", Meridian Foundation, Washington, USA; 2005, "Artist Prints from the Studio of Master Tekcan", National Art Club, New York, USA; Ura Art Gallery; Açı Art Gallery, Denizli; Trabzon Culture Center Art Gallery, Trabzon; University of Bilkent Library Art Gallery, Ankara; 2006, Orkun Ozan Art Gallery; 45th Retrospective Exhibition, İş Bankası Art Galley, Istanbul; Maya Art Galley, Mersin; 2007, Art Galley Selvin Eching Exhibition, Istanbul; Izmir Turk- American Association Exhibition; University of Gazi State Painting and Sculpture Museums Retrospective Exhibition, Ankara; Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center Art Gallery Exhibition, Konya; 2008, Almelek Art Gallery, Istanbul; Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi Print Retrospective Exhibition, Istanbul.


1977, Graphics Biennial, Ljubljana/Yugoslavia; 1978, 4th International Graphics Biennial, Fredikstad, Norway; Drawings Biennial Ryeka, Yugoslavia; 4th International Graphics Biennial (Fredrikstad/Norway); 1979, Graphics Biennial, Ljubljana/Yugoslavia; 1980, 5th International Graphics Biennial, Fredrikstad, Norway; 1981, Graphics Biennial, Ljubljana/Yugoslavia; 1982, International Graphics Biennial, Fredrikstad, Norway; Print Biennial, Braford, England; 1983, I. International Print Biennial, Italy; Graphics Biennial, Ljubljana/Yugoslavia; 1984, Çamlıca Art Home Original Prints Exhibition, Istanbul; 1985, R.O.C. International Print Biennial, China;1988, Mini print Biennial, Fredrikstad, Norway; 1982, Print Biennial (Bradford/England); 1985, Graphics Biennial (Ljubljana/Yugoslavia); Varna International Print Biennial (Bulgaria); 1988, Miniprint Biennial (Fredrikstad/Norway); 1992, 10th International Graphics Triennial (Fredrikstad/Norway); 1995, International Miniprint Triennail (Tokyo/Japan); 1990, Garanti Bank Art Gallery, Oiland original prints exhibition, Istanbul; 1991, Turkish Graphics Art , Saint Niklaas, Brussels, Belgium; 1992, 10th International Graphics Triennial, Fredrikstad, Norway; 1994, Turkish Original Printing Art Exhibition, Capitol Art Gallery, Istanbul; 1995, International Miniprint Triennial, Tokyo, Japan; 1998, Bilim Art Gallery 75. group exhibition, Dolmabahçe Culture Center, Istanbul; 1999, Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery 15. Group Exhibition, Ankara; 1999, "Masters and masters of masters" exhibition, Vakko Art Gallery; 1999, "Masters and masters of masters" exhibition, Emlak Art Gallery, Beyoğlu/ Istanbul; 2005, ODTU 6th Art Festival; 2005, Ege Art Fair, Ege University; Begüm Art Gallery ,Izmir; 2006, ODTU 7th Art Festival; Ürün Art Gallery ,Istanbul; Açı Art Gallery, Denizli; Alaçatı Art Gallery, Izmir; Ura Art Gallery, Izmir; PSG Exhibition, Izmir; Mine Art Gallery; 2007, Palet Art Gallery Group Exhibition; Altamira Art Gallery.


1982, State Painting and Sculpture Museums Present Day Artists Print Prize; 1985, Viking Paper Industries Printmaking Competition Achievement Prize; 1986, Bangladesh Asian Biennial Original Print Grand Prize; Turkey Asia-Europe Biennial Prime Ministry Friendship and Peace Prize Silver Medal in Printmaking; 1988, 49th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Grand Prize; 1989 50th State Painting Sculpture Exhibition Printmaking Third Prize; 1992, State Original Printmaking Exhibition Second Prize; 1993, Art Institution Artist of the Year Prize; 2006, Asia Prize, Marmara University, IMOGA, for the foundation of Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts; Istanbul Rotary Club, 2005- 2006 Profession Rewards.

Foundation : Işık University, IMOGA Museum
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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0216. 470 92 92
Fax : 0216. 472 92 95
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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