Saim Kolhan

Style of Art : Master craftsman / ceramist, ceramic decorator
Branch of Art : Ceramic art
Art Profile :

Saim Kolhan was born in Kütahya in 1962. After he finished primary school in Kütahya and Bursa, he studied electricity at a private occupational school. In 1984, he worked at the ceramic artist, Atilla Kipergil’s workshop and learned the art of ceramics. He decided to pursue his ceramic trade and opened a shop “Elif Çini” with his nephew.

In 1987 five ceramic artists: Mehmet Gürsoy, Habib Bakılan, Atilla Kipergil, Abdülkadir Uçaroğlu and Saim Kolhan founded Iznik Çini workshop in Kütahya. Their goal was not to make reproduction of Iznik ceramics but to extract principles from them to use in new creations. They produced many art pieces which were sent to the Museum of International Folk Art and other art exhibits throughout the world over many years. Saim Kolhan became the manager when Abdullah Uçaroğlu left Iznik Çini to establish his own atelier. Kolhan left Iznik Çini in 1992 after training many apprentices.

At his workshop, he has produced ceramics using Turkish miniatures and illumination (tezhip) art, which have not been used on tiles before. As a result he developed a different and distinguished style from other tiles with his brush technique and way of painting.

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City : Kütahya
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0274. 216 23 15 / 0533. 661 76 13
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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