Ozan Türkkan

Style of Art : Artist / new media artist
Branch of Art : Multimedia and digital art
Art Profile :

Ozan Türkkan was born in Tekirdağ in 1979. He worked many years in the field of multimedia and digital art in different countries in Europe, Istanbul and the U.S. Before the very first steps in digital media, he studied different art disciplines in Istanbul, Philadelphia, and Salamanca (the University of Salamanca). He received his Master’s degree in Multimedia at BAU (Escola Superior de Disseny) in Barcelona, where he lived and worked for many years as a new media artist.

His work is centered mainly in experimental and digital media, and specifically in visual complexity, generative computer art, algorithmic art, fractal geometry, experimental video and interactivity. He uses new computer tools that use algorithms in different programming languages to generate his art pieces. Türkkan likes to explore the many-folded boundaries between science, art and new technologies. He combines different media elements in a creative process and interactivity as a final artwork, since it permits the audience to participate in the process rather than just observe it. His work mostly focused on computer generated fractal structures, moving images and motion as a reflection of impermanent nature of existence, human and social behavior. Türkkan currently lives and works in Istanbul and Brussels.

Selected exhibitions:
2014, "Bipolar Fractal" and "Curving Time", digital prints, CONTRA (Contemporary Turkish Art) Art Fair, London and Bricklane
2014, Holographic Video Installation. New media exhibition: “Formless,” Fluid reality in New Media Art, Energy Museum, SantralIstanbul, Istanbul.
2014, Dilemma, Mixer, Istanbul
2013, Video Screening at Cacophony video exhibition, Açıkekran New media Arts Gallery, Istanbul
2013, GRID / Plug-In New Media Section, Contemporary Istanbul
2013, Istanbul INN LONDON, Showcase, Victoria House, London
2012, Blank Exhibition, augmented reality video exhibition, Contemporary Istanbul
2012, Curving Time, interactive video installation, 2X56 inch multi-touch screen, The Empire Gallery, Istanbul
2012, Resurrection, Fractal Continuum, video installation, Hush Gallery, Istanbul
2011, Fractal Dimensions, Gallery Mitte, Barcelona, IAP, Istanbul Art Platform, Istanbul
2011, Hyper-d, Abstract Video installation, projected in a Swimming Pool, 12m x 6m. Presented at Special Reception of Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, for the international guests of the 12th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul
2011, Alfa Omega Alfa, 04:12, about time, vibration, mutation, fractals and continual flux. Code based generated moving images
2011, Punto y Raya Festival, Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid
2011, SIMULTAN Festival 2011 - Imaginary, Timisoara (Romania)
2011, Art Exhibit, Coimbra University, Portugal

Reference: ozanturkkan.com, gallery.bridgesmathart.org, mixerarts.com, contrafair.com

Web Site : www.ozanturkkan.com
Email : ozanturkkan@gmail.com
City : Istanbul / Brussels
Country : Turkey / Belgium
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English / Spanish
Images :