Osman Şengezer

Style of Art : Artist / stage decorator and costume designer
Branch of Art : Stage decoration and costume designs
Art Profile :

Osman Şengezer studied at the Architecture Department of Middle East Technical University. He had an interest in theater when he was a high school student. Şengezer started working as a stage decorator and costume designer at the General Directorate of Ankara State Theatre in 1960. He also worked as an assistant of German artist Ulrich Damrau for 8 years. Later, Şengezer transferred to the General Directorate of Ankara State Opera and Ballet and worked there for 16 years. In 1976, he was appointed to the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet and worked as a chief decorator, ballet director, and art technical director until his retirement in 2007. Şengezer has designed more than 500 costumes and decoration designs for operas, operettas, ballets, modern dances, theaters, and musicals, which have been staged in Turkish State Operas and Ballets, and State Theatres. He has also worked for films and TV films. Şengezer has toured with many theatres in Turkey and abroad including France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, the US, and Cyprus. Since 1963, he has had his solo exhibitions in Ankara (1968), Istanbul (1978), and Antalya (1992). He has also participated in many group exhibitions in Turkey. Şengezer has published four books: “Dekor Kostüm Osman Şengezer” (1989), “Yazılar” (1993), “Bence Dekor Kostüm” (1999), and “Dekor ve Kostümlü Anılar” (2008 and 2010). Since 1958, he has written essays for many magazines and encyclopedias. He has received numerous awards. 

Reference: osmansengezer.com, mimarlikmuzesi.org, google.com.tr/images

Web Site : www.osmansengezer.com
Email : bilgi@osmansengezer.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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