Neslihan Zabcı Erdal

Style of Art : Artist / graphic designer, sculptor, ceramist, painter, mosaic artist
Branch of Art : Graphic designer, sculpture, ceramic, painting, mosaic art
Art Profile :

Neslihan Zabcı Erdal was born in Ankara in 1956. After finishing at Robert College, she studied graphic design and graduated from Leicester Polytechnic (DeMontford University) in the United Kingdom. Between 1979 and 1981, she worked as a freelancer in graphic and wallpaper design in California. In 1982, she founded Eflatun Ceramic Studio with her husband and made big relief wall murals as well as wheel thrown and hand shaped pots decorating with majolica designs, underglaze and artistic glazes. She closed her ceramic studio in 1993 but continued making mosaics, painting and preparing graphic design. She also illustrated a children’s book. In 2000, Erdal moved to Bodrum and founded her painting workshop. She attended a workshop on Byzantine mosaics in Ravenna (2000) and a sculpture workshop in Brac (2004). Currently, she continues to work at her studio Amidst Mandarin Trees in Bodrum.

Online exhibition: 
2012, Neslihan Zabcı Erdal Mosaics and Ceramics, Bakrac Art Gallery

Selected solo exhibitions: 
1983,"From Our Earth" Ceramic Exhibition, Bodrum Castle, Bodrum
1984, "Bodrum Artists", Bodrum Municipal Park, Bodrum
1984, Ceramic Exhibition, Bodrum Castle, Bodrum
1984, Ceramic Exhibition, Sanat Yapim Art Gallery, Ankara
1985, Ceramic Exhibition, Bodrum Castle, Bodrum
1985, Ceramic Exhibition, Bakraç Art Gallery, Istanbul
1985, Ceramic Exhibition, YKB Art Gallery, Istanbul
1988, Ceramic Exhibition, Ceramic Center
1988, Ceramic Exhibition, Hobi Art Gallery, Istanbul
2002, Painting & Mosaic Exhibition, Bodrum Tersane Gallery, Bodrum
2003, "40 Boxes, 40 Artists", Bodrum
2004, Painting, Sculpture, Mosaic Exhibition, Bodrum Municipal Art Gallery, Bodrum
2007, Jazz Now Art Gallery, Bodrum

Selected group exhibitions:
1987, Lebriz Art Gallery, Istanbul
2005, Ceracarnassos Ceramic Exhibition, Bodrum
2005, Epsilon Art Gallery, Bodrum
2006, Bodrum Municipal Art Gallery, Bodrum
2007, Bodrum Bedesten group exhibition, Bodrum


Foundation : Bukalemunart
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City : Bodrum
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0252. 358 53 24 / 0532. 591 44 58
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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