Tarkan (Tarkan Tevetoğlu)

Style of Art : Artist / pop singer
Branch of Art : Turkish pop music
Art Profile :

Tarkan (Tarkan Tevetoğlu) was born in Alzey, Germany in 1972. His family returned to Turkey when he was 14 years old.  He began to study music in Karamürsel at high school before being accepted at the Üsküdar Music Society.  He debuted his first album, “Yine Sensiz” (With you again) in 1992. He then worked with famous singer and songwriter Sezen Aksu for his second album, “Acayipsin”, and sold 750,000 copies in Europe. With the release of his single song “Şıkıdım”, Tarkan gave 74 concerts in Turkey and Europe.  In New York, where he went for language education at Baruch College in 1994, Tarkan became acquainted with Ahmet Ertegün who was the founder of Atlantic Records, and began to work on new projects.  Besides his contributions toward introducing Turkish pop music on an international level, Tarkan has garnered attention by gaining a niche in that market. Tarkan collaborated again with Aksu and music engineer Çolakoğlu for his third album “Ölürüm Sana”. This album was sold 4.5 million copies in Turkey. In 1997, Tarkan founded his music company, HITT Music.

Signed by the French branch of recording label PolyGram (now Universal Music) after the single "Şımarık" was released in Europe in 1999, Tarkan reached number three in places like Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, and Germany. The song "Şımarık" also reached number one in Belgium. He was awarded a gold disc at the Cannes Midem Awards. He was the first Turkish artist who sold 500,000 albums in France.

Following the success of the single, Tarkan released a compilation album for Europe entitled “Tarkan”. He won a World Music Award in Monaco for its rapid sales. He released two more singles in Europe under the Universal ticket: "Şıkıdım" and "Bu Gece". To promote his music, Tarkan has travelled throughout Europe and Latin America including Ukraine, Morocco, Tunisia, Russia and Mexico. After completing his military service, Tarkan worked with Nazan Öncel, who is a singer and songwriter, and released his album “Karma”. In 2001, N. Aysun Yüksel published the book “Tarkan – Yıldız Olgusu”. After becoming the face of Pepsi in Turkey, Tarkan also became the official mascot of the Turkish National Football team for the 2002 World Cup. He recorded the football song “Bir Oluruz Yolunda”. He released his EP album “Dudu” by the HITT Music in 2003. He won the award “Song of the Year” in Russia with “Dudu” track. In 2004, Tarkan also released his own perfume for men, “Tarkan” in 2004. In 2005, he released his debut English language single “Bounce” in Turkey. “Come Closer” was released in parts of Europe in 2006 by the Universal Music Label. In 2007, Tarkan released “Metamorfoz” album. He has given numerous concerts in Turkey and abroad. In 2004, he gave a concert at the Karadeniz Ereğli Love Peace and Friendship Festival and about 700,000 people watched his concert. He has won many international and national awards.

1992, "Yine Sensiz" (Istanbul Plak)
1993, "Yine Sensiz" (Istanbul Plak)
1994, "A Acayipsin" (Istanbul Plak)
1997, "Ölürüm Sana" (Istanbul Plak)
1998, "Şımarık" (Single) (Universal Music)
1999, "Şıkıdım" (Single) (Universal Music)
1999, "Tarkan" (Universal Music)
2000, "Bu Gece" (Single) (Universal Music)
2001, "Kuzu Kuzu" (Single) (Istanbul Plak)
2001, "Karma" (Istanbul Plak)
2002, "Hüp" (Single) (Hitt Music)
2002, "Özgürlük İçimizde" (Single) (Hitt Music)
2002, "Bir Oluruz Yolunda" (Single) (Hitt Music)
2003, "Dudu" (Hitt Music)
2005, "Ayrılık Zor" (Single) (Hitt Music)
2005, "Bounce" (Single) (Hitt Music)
2006, "Bounce" (Single) (Universal Music)
2006, "Come Closer" (Hitt Music)
2006, "Start The Fire" (Single) (Hitt Music)
2007, "Metamorfoz" (Hitt Music)
2008, "Metamorfoz Remixes" (Hitt Music)
2008, "Uyan" (Single) (Hitt Music)
2010, "Adımı Kalbine Yaz" (Hitt Music)

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Foundation : HITT Music
Web Site : www.tarkan.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :