Semih Tareen

Style of Art : Artist / composer
Branch of Art : Film music
Art Profile :

Semih Tareen was born in Izmir in 1976. In 1995 he moved to Seattle, WA to study cinema and film music with two-time Emmy award winning composer Hummie Mann at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program and graduated in 2001. He then pursued his filmmaking study at the Seattle Film Institute. In addition to his western music education, he studied Turkish music with oud virtuoso and composer Munir Nurettin Beken.

Tareen has composed music for 24 films. In 2006 he composed for Turkish movie “Gomeda.” His music has been recorded by various musicians and performed at various theaters, film festivals, and venues in the US. Since 2003 Tareen has been performing with a Turkish music ensemble in Seattle. He has also performed with various rock and jazz bands. He has received three awards and has been nominated five times for film composer award. Tareen currently lives and works in Seattle.


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Country : U.S.A.
Phone : 206-307-6258
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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