Muhiddin Dürrüoğlu Demiriz

Style of Art : Artist / pianist, composer
Branch of Art : Classical music: piano, composition
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Muhiddin Dürrüoğlu Demiriz was born in 1969 and started having music education at the Ankara State Conservatory. He was treated as “special statue” and studied piano with Prof. Kamuran Gündemir and Prof. Ersin Onay, composition with Prof. İlhan Baran. He completed four years bachelor’s program in 1987, when he was 18 years old. In the same year, he received a fellowship from Eczacıbaşı Foundation and went to Belgium. He studied piano with Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden and composition with Jacqueline Fontyn at Brussels Royal Conservatory. He received a diploma “Premier Prix and Superior” on piano, chamber music and harmony. In 1989, Dürrüoğlu was accepted to the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth Virtüozite School and graduated with the degree of “Virtuosité et Grande Distinction” in 1992. He obtained Belgian nationality and received a Petrofina fellowship. Dürrüoğlu then had a Fulbright fellowship and went to the US to continue his doctoral degree on piano with Edward Auer, and composition with Dr. D. Freund at Indiana University.

Since the age of twelve years old, Dürrüoğlu has had many recitals and concerts as a soloist with chamber orchestras or symphony orchestras, not only in Turkey but also foreign countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Argentine, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain, Italy, England, Romania, Hungary, South Korea, China and the US. In addition to it, his performances have been broadcasted over radio and TV in these countries. As a pianist, Dürrüoğlu was a finalist in the 1991 Europe Piano Competition, and received prize in many competitions including  the Nany Phillipart (1992), the Foundation Belge de la Vocation (1995) and the J.W. Peelemans (1997). He also received many awards for his compositions in Turkey and abroad.

Among his CDs, there are  “Cent Ans de Piano Belge”, "Les Synthètistes", “Des pas sur la lune” and “Serenata for 2000”. As of today, Dürrüoğlu-Demiriz serves as a Professor of Chamber Music in the Brussels Royal Conservatory. Dürrüoğlu founded a chamber music orchestra “Ensemble Khéops” and recorded some CDs. He has worked with famous musicians including the clarinetist Ronald Van Spaendonck, who is a member of Ensemble Khéops, the cellist Marie Hallynck and the violinist D. Rubenstein.


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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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