Kerem Görsev

Style of Art : Artist / pianist
Branch of Art : Jazz music: piano
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Kerem Görsev was born in Istanbul in 1961. He studied piano with Rana Erksan at the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory in 1967 and continued his musical education at the Istanbul State Conservatory between 1972 and 1979. During these years, he took violin lessons from Gönül Gökdoğan and viola lessons from Prof. Özer Sezgin. During his military service in 1981, Görsev started playing Jazz with his friend guitarist Ercüment Ateş and his group at the Ankara Officer’s Club. Between 1983 and 1988 Görsev played dance music at many clubs. In 1989, he began playing at Korukent Jazz Bar and played with many foreign musicians such as Ed Howard, Rubin Kanyata, Doris Troy, Steve Hall, Vinnie Night and Kenny More. Between 1993 and 1995 Görsev played at TRT Istanbul Radio Light Music and Jazz Orchestra. In 1995, he released his first CD “Hands and Lips,” followed by his second CD, “I Love May,” in 1996, both comprising his own compositions. Görsev released his third album, “For Murat,” in November 1996. Eric Revis and Bob Demeo accompanied Görsev in the fourth album, “Relaxing.” This album was released in September 1997. His fifth album was a piano-vocal duet album, "Laid-Back," with Allan Harris. This album, which was released in October 1999, consists of love songs from 50′s - 60′s era and from Broadway musicals. During this time, Görsev performed at the various clubs in Istanbul and festivals both with Turkish and foreign musicians. Some of the musicians he has played with are: Eric Revis, LaVerne Butler, Allan Harris, Clifford Jarvis, Harvey Thompson, Bob Demeo, Can Kozlu, Ateş Tezer and Volkan Hürsever. In 1998, Görsev opened his Jazz club and played many artists such as Steve Kirby, Keith Hall, Alvester Garnett, Ruseel Gunn, Anna Lisa, Ron Affif and Claudia Acuna.  In 1999, Görsev has played with Elvin Jones Jazz Machine at Eskisehir Jazz Festival. Kerem Görsev′s sixth album, "November in St.Petersburg," was consisted of his own compositions. It was recorded with St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic Orchestra under Erol Erdinç′s conduct in St. Petersburg on 8-9 November 1999. This album was released in April, 2000. His other album, “Warm Autumn,” was recorded in New York with Eric Revis, Russell Gunn, JD Allen, Jason Jackson, Alvester Garnett, and Kahlil Kewane Bell. In June 2002, Görsev’s seventh album “Existence” was released. Reyent Bolukbasi is the featuring artist with his cello in this album. All consisting of Kerem Görsev′s compositions, this album′s concept was a meeting point between jazz and classical music.

Görsev finished recording “Meeting Point” in New York in November 2003. Russell Gunn, Eric Revis, Alvester Garnett and Marcus Strickland accompanied him in this album. All the pieces on the album are Kerem Görsev′s own compositions. This album was released in March, 2004. Görsev had many performances in Turkey and abroad in 2004 and 2005. He has performed at various festivals, university concerts and organizations in many cities including Trabzon, Antalya, Malatya, Isparta, Bodrum, Çeşme and Izmir as well as international performances in Baku, Copenhagen, Muenster, Coesfeld, Stuttgart and Islamabad. Kerem Görsev Trio performed the opening concert of International Vilnius Jazz Festival in Lithuania in 2005. “Orange Juice” was recorded in MIAM studios with Volkan Hürsever on the bass and Cengiz Baysal on the drums and it was released in October, 2005. They performed this project at various cities and countries including the 13th International Istanbul Jazz Festival. This concert was recorded and released as a DVD in November, 2007. Görsev recorded his new album in April, 2007. This album was a duo album with Allan Harris and it consisted of jazz standards from 1940′s and 1960′s. This album was released in May 2007. In 2007, he performed at various venues domestically and also in Bologna, Italy. In 2008, Görsev gave a concert at the ‘Wiener Kafeesiederball’ in Vienna as a jazz sextet with Kerem Görsev & Istanbul Jazz Band, and followed Lefke University Concert in Cyprus. In July 2008, the artist performed at the 36th Pescara Jazz Festival and 35th Umbria Jazz Festivals as Kerem Görsev Trio. Görsev performed at 18th Akbank Jazz Festival in October 2008 with his newly formed trio: Kağan Yıldız at the bass and Ferit Odman at the drums. In December 2008 Görsev performed his own project "November in St.Petersburg" with the St.Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra in St.Petersburg. Görsev has released albums such as "Diversion" (2009), "Therapy" (2010), "To Bill Evans" (2013), "Emirgan" (2014) and "Four Days" (2015). He currently continues his work in Istanbul.

Kerem Görsev Discography:
Hands & Lips (1995)
I Love May (1996)
For Murat (1997)
Relaxing (1998)
Laid Back (1999)
November in St.Petersbourg (2000)
Warm Autumn (2001)
Existence (2002)
Meeting Point (2004)
Orange Juice (2005)
Back Again (2007)
Diversion (2009)
Therapy (2010)
To Bill Evans (2013)
Emirgan (2014)
Four Days (2015)


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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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