Fikret Karakaya

Style of Art : Artist / kemençe player
Branch of Art : Turkish classical music: kemençe, çeng
Comment : Art director of the Bezmara Group
Art Profile :

During his high school time, Fikret Karakaya learned music repertoire and rhythmic structures from Mustafa Bozyel; solfege and music theory from Ahmet Keçecigil. In 1973, he moved to Istanbul and attended Uskudar Musiki Cemiyet (Uskudar Music Association) and was part of the university’s chorus. He also learned kemençe (small violin) from Kâmran Erdoğru; rhythmic structures and repertoire from Kemal Batanay. In 1976, Karakaya attended Istanbul Classic Turkish Music Chorus. In 1981, he passed an examination and started working as a kemençe artist at Istanbul Radio. In 1996, Karakaya founded the Bezmârâ group. For the group, ancient music instruments including çeng, şehrud, kopuz, mıskal, santur, old ud, old tanbur, and old kanun, which are not used today, were re-made with the support of the musicologist Walter Feldman and the French Anatolian Research Institute, with reference to their depictions and gravures in ancient manuscripts. The group has gained quite a reputation in domestic and foreign music circles as they performed numerous concerts both in Turkey and abroad. They have recorded many CDs. Currently, Karakaya serves as an art director in the Bezmârâ group and plays kemençe and çeng.

Bezmâra Topruluğu 6 CDs: 1. Topkapı’nın İhtişamı / Splendours of Topkapi (1999), 2. Yitik Sesin Peşinde / In Search of the Lost Sound (2001), 3. “Mecmûa” dan Saz ve Söz (2004), 4. Tanburi İsak (2005), 5. Fasl-ı Kadîm I.(2007), 6. Fasl-ı Kadîm II (2007), Ali Ufkî Bey′in Tanıklığıyla 17 . Yy Istanbul’unda Musiki (2010)


Foundation : The Bezmara Group
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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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