Eymen Gürtan

Style of Art : Artist / ney player, chaplets maker
Branch of Art : Turkish classical music: ney, chaplets making
Art Profile :

Eymen Gürtan was born in Istanbul in 1973. He finished primary school in Konya; middle school and high school in Istanbul. During his high school, he started playing ney with ney player Ömer Erdoğdular and continued learning for a long time. In 1994, Gürtan entered the Musicology Department of the Turkish Music State Conservatory, which belongs to Istanbul Technical University and studied with ney player Niyazi Sayın. Gürtan also studied religious music with composer Necdet Tanlak at his home.

Gürtan has given many concerts on Turkish Classic music in Turkey and abroad including Germany, Austria, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Swiss, Bosnia Herzegovina, Malaysia, Pakistan and Japan. As a ney player, he has also participated in many international Sufi music festivals and concerts.

Gürtan has also composed ney music and made ney in a professional way. His neys have been preferred and used by many ney players. In addition, he has made chaplets (tesbih).

Reference: neyzeneymen.blogspot.com, bisnev.com, neyzenim.com, istanbulunustalari.com

Web Site : www.bisnev.com
Email : info@bisnev.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0216. 334 24 23 / 0536. 352 02 92
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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