Prof. Dr. Alaeddin Yavaşça

Style of Art : Artist / singer
Branch of Art : Turkish Music: vocal
Art Profile :

Prof. Dr. Alâeddin Yavaşça was born in Kilis in 1926. After finishing primary and middle school in Kilis, he went to Konya High school. He continued his second and third grades in Istanbul High school for Boys. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul University in 1951 and started working both at Istanbul University, the first Gynecology Clinic and at Haseki Hospital beside Prof. Dr. Tevfik Remzi Kazancıgil. He became a gynecologist in 1955 and worked as a head doctor at the Haseki University until 1985. During his career as a doctor, he published 54 papers in Tıp Dünyası, Şişli Hospital Bulletin, Zeynep Kâmil Hospital Bulletin, Vakıf Gureba Bulletin, Haseki Medicine Bulletin and the Bulletin of Ministry of Health. He also participated in many symposiums in Turkey and abroad and presented his papers.

Prof. Yavaşça learned violin from Zihni Çelikalp at the age of eight. After moving to Istanbul, he learned music from Sadettin Kaynak, Münir Nurettin Selçuk, Dr. Suphi Ezgi, Hüseyin Sadeddin Arel, Zeki Arif Ataergin, Nuri Halil Poyraz, Refik Fersan, Mes′ud Cemil, Ekrem Karadeniz, Süleyman Ergüner and Dr. Selahaddin Tanur. He took music classes at the Istanbul Municipality Conservator, Turkish Classic Music Conservator, and Istanbul University Chorus and developed his execution on Turkish music. In 1950 he passed an examination and became a soloist at the Istanbul Radio. He sometimes served in the Turkish Radio and TRT as a consultant, supervisor and made an important role when repertoires were decided for TRT. Since 1967, he has been a soloist and the chorus director of Istanbul Radio Classic Turkish Music. He served as one of committees to found the first Turkish Classic Music Conservatory which belonged to the Government. After establishing the Conservatory in 1976, he became a member of administrative board and a tutor. The Turkish Music Conservatory was connected to Istanbul Technique University by the Turkish Council of Higher Education. He was appointed as a professor and served as the Department Chair of Voice Training. Beside his performance, he composed over 470 pieces, including semai, songs, child songs, different kinds of saz pieces (peşrev, saz semai, medhal and etude) and religious songs. Since 1950’s, he has given his concerts in Turkey and abroad. He was invited to the United States and gave 5 concerts. In 1988 he was invited to the Music Festival in London and gave 3 concerts at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. He also went to Germany and gave his concerts in Berlin, Koln, Hamburg and Aachen. Dr. Yavaşça recorded 1 LP, 25 plaques (78cm), 15 plaques (45 cm). Since 1973 he received numerous awards. In 1991 he was recognized as a “state artist”. In October 2008, he was awarded the President’s Culture and Art Grand Award in Music for 2008 by the Presidency of the Turkish Republic.

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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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