Ahmet Bülent Ekin

Style of Art : Artist / ney and kaba zurna player
Branch of Art : Turkish music: ney, kaba zurna
Art Profile :

Ahmet Bülent Ekin was born in Şiirt in 1968. He finished primary school in Şiirt, middle and high school in Yalova. In 1986, he entered Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory and studied ney with Niyazi Sayın for 5 years. During his study, he also studied with many artists in different music categories such as folk music, classical Turkish music and arabesque music. Ekin graduated from the conservatory in 1992 and started working at the Turkish Music Ensemble, which belongs to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Since then, he has visited over 26 countries to give concerts with different groups and ensembles. Currently Ekin serves as a kaba zurna player in the Turkish Music Ensemble.

Reference: neyzenim.com

Foundation : Turkish Music Ensemble
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :