Kenan İmirzalıoğlu

Style of Art : Actor
Branch of Art : Film, TV drama
Art Profile :

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu was born in Ankara in 1974. He graduated from the Mathematics Department at Yıldız Technical University. He started modeling in 1995 and won first prize in competitions such as Best Model of Turkey and Best Model of the World Modeling. In 1999, İmirzalıoğlu became an actor and was casted in the role of Yusuf Miroğlu in the TV drama “Deli Yürek”. In 2001, he starred in its spinoff film “Deli Yürek: Bumerang Cehennemi.” In 2003, he acted in TV drama, “Alacakaranlık.” With Olgun Şimşek, İmirzalıoğlu acted in the film “Yazı Tura,” which was directed by Uğur Yücel.  In 2005, İmirzalıoğlu starred in Osman Sınav′s “Aci Hayat” based on the 1962 film of the same name. In 2005, he was awarded “the Best Actor” in the Adana Altın Koza Film Festival. He acted in the film “Son Osmanlı,” which was directed by Mustafa Doğan in 2006; and the film “Kabadayı” with Şener Şen. In 2009, İmirzalıoğlu starred in the TV drama “Ezel” with Cansu Dere. In 2010, he acted in the film “Ejder Kapanı,” which was directed by Uğur Yücel. In the same year, İmirzalıoğlu received Ayhan Işık Special Jury Prize in the 15th Sadri Alışık Film and Theater Awards for the role of the film “Ejder Kapanı.”

TV dramas:
Deli Yürek (Yusuf Miroğlu) (1999-2002)
Alacakaranlık (Ferit Çağlayan) (2003-2005)
Acı Hayat (Mehmet Kosovalı) (2005-2007)
Ezel (Ezel Bayraktar) (2009)

Deli Yürek: Bumerang Cehennemi (Yusuf Miroğlu) (2001)
Yazı Tura (Hayalet Cevher) (2004)
Son Osmanlı Yandım Ali (Yandım Ali) (2006)
Kabadayı (Devran) (2007)
Ejder Kapanı (Akrep Celal) (2010)


City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :