Belma Baş

Style of Art : Film director, translator
Branch of Art : Short film, translation
Art Profile :

Belma Baş was born in Ordu in 1969. She graduated from the English Language and Literature at Istanbul University in 1992. Between 1991 and 1998, she served in international relations and worked as festival coordinator at film companies. She was a member of the committee which introduced Turkish films in the Cannes and Montreal Film Festival. In 1995, Baş served as a CICAE jury member in the volume of “Quinzaine des Realisateurs” in Cannes. In addition, she has worked as text writer and translator for many newspapers and magazines for more than 15 years. Baş translated book of Jonathan Lethem’s “Yok”, Orson Welles’s “Bay Arkadin”, and Richard Brautigan’s “Kürtaj” into Turkish, and edited the book “Ölmeden Önce Görmeniz Gereken 1001 Film”. For its premiere, her short film “Poyraz” was shown in the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. With the “Poyraz” film, Baş has participated in over 50 international film festivals and received many awards.

Short Films as a director:
2006, Poyraz
2010, Zekir

2004, Kodak-Antrakt Cinema Magazine the First Short Film Scenario Competition, first place (Poyraz)
2006, nominated for the Golden Palm in the 59th Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Section (Poyraz)
2006, 43. Antalya Altın Portakal Film Festival, National Short Film Competition, Jury Special prize (Poyraz)
2006, Kodak/Antrakt 2nd. Short Film Scenario Competition, Signal Reward (Poyraz)
2006, 3. Akbank Short Film Festival, the best Creative Film Award (Poyraz)
2007, 3. Hisar Short Film Festival (Poyraz)
2007, Tiburon International Film Festival (poyraz)
2007, 14. Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan (Poyraz)
2007, 13. International Drama Short Film Festival, Greece, the Best Balkan Film Award (Poyraz)
2007, 2. Mostramundo Film Festival, the Best Sound Award (Poyraz)
2007, 2. Mostramundo Film Festival, the Best Soundtrack Award (Poyraz)
2007, 9. Rio De Janeiro Short Film Festival, Special Mention Award (Poyraz)
2007, 10. Lenola Film Festival, the Best Film Award (Poyraz)
2007, 10. Lenola Film Festival, the Best Director Award (Poyraz)
2007, 13. La Cittadella del Corto Short Film Festival, Mention Award (Poyraz)
2007, 14. Capalbio Cinema Short Film Festival, Toscana Film Commission Landscape Award (Poyraz)
2007, 13. Lessinia Film Festival, Jury Prize (Poyraz)


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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
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