Ay┼čen Gruda

Style of Art : Actress, comedian
Art Profile :

Ay┼čen Gruda was born in Istanbul in 1945. She is known as "Domates Güzeli." She performed in many comedy plays, over 100 films and TV series such as “Tosun Pa┼ča,” “Süt Karde┼čler,” “Gülen Gözler,” “┼×abano─člu ┼×aban,” “Hababam S─▒n─▒f─▒” and “Ne┼čeli Günler.” She also performed in several musicals including "Mum Söndü," "Deve Ku┼ču Kabare,” "Hababam S─▒n─▒f─▒ Müzikali," "Yedi Kocal─▒ Hürmüz." Gruda has received several awards including the "Best Supporting Actress Award" in the 11th Sadri Al─▒┼č─▒k Awards (2006) and the "Best Supporting Actress Award" in the Golden Orange Awards (2010). She received a "Lifetime Honorary Award" in the 52th Antalya Film Festival. Gruda currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Reference: sinematurk.com, en.wikipedia.org, tankutyildiz.blogspot.com.tr

City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :