Prof. Dr. Metin And

Style of Art : Academic / theatrical historian
Branch of Art : Traditional Turkish theatre, Karagöz
Art Profile :

Metin And was born in Istanbul in 1927. After graduating from Galatasaray High School, he studied at the Law Faculty of Istanbul University. After he completed his Master′s degree in London, And went to New York to study ballet, opera and theater with a support of the Rockefeller Foundation. He started writing review on education, opera and ballet in 1954. He wrote up theatre reviews for Ulus newspaper for 15 years. And also wrote up numerous articles and reviews for different literary journals such as Forum, Değişim, Dost and Türk Dili. Prof. His articles and columns were published in Milliyet and Vatan newspaper. And taught theater play at the Theatre Department in the Faculty of Turkish Language, History and Geography of Ankara University for thirty years. After he retired from Ankara University in 1994, Prof. And continued teaching cultural history at Boğaziçi University and Bilkent University. He also gave lectures as visiting professor in the US, Germany and Japan. Dr. And gave conferences in the US, Russia, China and Middle East countries. He prepared radio programs and wrote many scripts for documentary films.

Prof. Dr. And published over 50 books and more than 1500 writings, papers and articles for various encyclopedias. He received many awards including a scientific award from the Turkish Language Society (1970), a scientific research award from Turkish Is Bank (1980), a Sedat Simavi Social Scientific Award (1983), a medal "Officier de l′ordre des Arts et des Letres" from the French Government (1991) and a service award from the Turkish Science Academy (1998). Prof. Dr. Metin And passed away in Ankara in 2008.

Selected his publications:
Başlangıcından 1983′e Türk Tiyatro Tarihi (2004)
Kerbelâ-Muharrem ta′ziye (2002)
Türk Kültüründe Oyun Kavramı (2002), Ritüelden
40 Gün 40 Gece. Osmanlı Düğünleri-Şenlikleri-Geçit Alayları (2000)
Minyatürlerle Osmanlı İslâm Mitologyası (1998)
Istanbul in the 16th Century: The City, the Palace, Daily Life (Akbank, 1994)
16. Yüzyılda Istanbul (1994)
Drama at the Crossroads: Turkish Performing Arts link past and present, East and West (Isis Press, 1991)
Geleneksel Türk Tiyatrosu-Kukla, Karagöz, Ortaoyunu (1985)
Selection Of 33 Turkish Miniatures (1983)
Şair Evlenmesinden Önce Türk Oyunları (1983)
Atatürk ve Tiyatro (1983)
Ataç Tiyatroda (1982)
Kültürel Etkinlikler ve Büyük Kuruluşlar (1981)
Magic In Istanbul (1978)
Dünyada ve Bizde Gölge Oyunu (1977)
Osmanlı Dönemi Minyatürleri (1976)
Osmanlı Tiyatrosu (1976)
A Pictorial History of Turkish Dancing (Dost Yayınları, Ankara, 1976)
Karagöz: Turkish Shadow Theatre (Dost Yayınları, Istanbul, 1975)
Oyun ve Büyü (1974)
50 Yüın Türk Tiyatrosu (1973)
Tanzimat ve İstibdat Döneminde Türk Tiyatrosu 1839-1908 (1972)
Meşrutiyet Döneminde Türk Tiyatrosu 1908-1923 (1971)
100 Soruda Türk Tiyatrosu (1970)
Tiyatro Terimleri Sözlüğü (Haldun Taner ve Özdemir Nut-ku ile birlikte, 1966)
A History of Theatre and Popular Entertainment in Turkey (Forum Yayınları, Ankara, 1964)
Bizans Tiyatrosu (1962)
Gönlü Yüce Türk (1958)


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