Gazanfer Özcan

Style of Art : Actor
Art Profile :

Gazanfer Özcan was born in Istanbul in 1931. He started acting in the play "Hisse-i Şaiya" at Vefa High School from where he graduated. He then attended the Children Department of the City Theatre. In 1962 he got married to Gönül Ülkü and established the Gönül Ülkü-Gazanfer Özcan Theatre. Besides theatre plays, Özcan also acted in many films including "Beyaz Melek" (2007), "Keloğlan Karaprens′e Karşı" (2005) and "Komser Şekspir" (2000), and TV series such as "Avrupa Yakası" (2004-2009). In 1998 he received the title of State Artist from the Turkish Ministry of Culture. In 2005 he won the Best Supporting Actor Award in the First White Pearl TV Awards. Özcan passed away in Istanbul in 2009.


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