Füsun Arıkan

Style of Art : Master craftsman / marbling (Ebru) artist
Branch of Art : Marbling (Ebru)
Art Profile :

Füsun Arıkan was born in Istanbul in 1949. After finishing Çamlıca High School for Girls, she graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts. She completed her master′s degree at the same academy in 1973. In 1971 she learned marbling art (Ebru) from Sacit Okyay. With Vedat Vaytaş and Köksal Çiftçi, Arıkan attended workshops to introduce Turkish marbling art at the Istanbul Caricature and Humour Arts Museum. She also taught marbling art at Saint Joseph Alumni Association in 1992. After 1994, she gave marbling classes at her own workshop. She had 16 solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Arıkan passed away in Istanbul in 2010.

Reference: tr.wikipedia.org, istanbulunustalari.com

Images :