Doğan Çilingir

Style of Art : Master craftsman / calligrapher
Branch of Art : Calligraphy
Art Profile :

Doğan Çilingir was born in Ankara in 1949. He graduated from the Faculty of Theology at Ankara University in 1970. After retiring from teaching, he started learning calligraphy from Adem Sakal in 1991. Çilingir continued learning calligraphy from Fuat Başar Mehmet Özçay. Six years later, Çilingir received his professional license in sülüs and nesih scripts from Fuat Başar. Çilingir participated in many group exhibitions in Turkey. His calligraphy works were published in many catalogues. Çilingir taught calligraphy at calligraphy courses, which were held by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. He was a member of GESAM, belongs to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Çilingir passed away in Ankara in 2006.


Images :