Bedri Koraman

Style of Art : Artist / cartoonist
Branch of Art : Political cartoon, caricature
Art Profile :

Bedri Koraman was born Bafra, Samsun in 1928. He moved to Istanbul in 1945 and studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts. In 1947, he started working as a painter and cartoonist for magazines and daily newspapers. In 1950s, he published magazines such as “41 Buçuk,” “Tef,” “Taş,” “Karikatür” and “Deve.” Koraman drew comic strips for Milliyet daily newspapers for a long time. In 1960s he published "Cici Can" cartoons from Milliyet newspaper.

In the 1970s, Koraman became a correspondent-cartoonists in Turkish press. He founded an advertising company and produced many cartoon films. During the 1980s he worked shortly for Güneş newspaper. After working with Milliyet daily newspaper for a long time, he published his cartoons in Sunday supplement of Sabah daily newspaper.

Koraman held many national and international exhibitions and participated in many competitions. He received many awards for his works in Turkey and abroad. In 1986 he was selected as one of the honorary member of the Internacional dos Jornalistas in Brazil. He also served as general director in the Caricature Association. Koraman passed away in Bodrum in 2015.


Images :