Ayberk Atilla

Style of Art : Actor
Branch of Art : Theater, film, TV series
Art Profile :

Ayberk Atilla was born in Istanbul in 1946. He graduated from the School of Economics at Istanbul University. He started working as an actor at the Lale Oraloğlu Theatre in 1967. He continued performing in various plays at different theatres such as Münir Özkul Theatre, Altan Karındaş Theatre, Devekuşu Kabare, Üç Maymun Kabare, Enis Fosforoğlu Theatre, the Theater Istanbul and BKM Actors. Atilla also acted in many films and TV series. Ayberk Atilla passed away in Istanbul in 2017.

Reference: sinematurk.com, imdb.com, cumhuriyet.com.tr

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