Dr. Andrew Mango

Style of Art : Historian, journalist
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Dr. Andrew Mango was born in Istanbul in 1926. He grew up in Turkey and moved to England with his family in 1933. He holds degrees from the University of London, including a doctorate on Persian literature. Mango worked as a press consultant at the British Embassy in Ankara in early 1940s. He then worked for the BBC Turkish Service in 1958-1972 and retired in 1986 from the South European Service section of the British state-run news agency. Dr. Mango published numerous articles and many books about Atatürk and Turkey such as “Turkey” (1968), "Discovering Turkey" (1971), “Turkey: The Challenge of a New Role” (1994), “Atatürk: The Founder of Modern Turkey” (2000), "The Turks Today" (2004), "Turkey and the War on Terrorism" (2005), and "From the Sultan to Atatürk-Turkey" (2009). Dr. Mango passed away in London in July, 2014.

Reference: todayszaman.com, suvedefne.com

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