Adnan Varınca

Style of Art : Artist / painter
Branch of Art : Painting
Art Profile :

Adnan Varınca was born in Istanbul in 1918. After graduating from the workshops of Leopold Levy and Bedri Rahmi at the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Art in 1948, he taught painting at several schools in 1944-1956. Varınca went to Paris and pursued his painting and researched fine arts in 1957-1973. After returning to Turkey, Varınca held his first solo exhibition. He then held many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions. In 1980 he won the First prize with Turan Erol in the Sedat Simavi Foundation Visual Arts Awards. In 2006 Varınca received an Aydın Doğan Award. Adnan Varınca passed away in Istanbul in 2014.

Images :