Abdülkadir Sür

Style of Art : Master craftsman / metal worker
Branch of Art : metalworks inlaid with gold and silver
Art Profile :

Abdülkadir Sür was born in Bursa in 1931. His teacher and mentor Ömer Makasçı, was famous for inlaying silver on daggers (hançer), knives, and scissors at the Okçular market in Bursa. The inlaying works of gold and silver (açkıcılık) was family business. He learned this artistic refinement from his grandfather who was a master of inlaid craftsman. After Ömer and his assistant died, only Abdülkadir Sür was left to continue his work. He worked more than 60 years and produced over 150 pieces. He received many awards from different institutions such as the Turkish Cultural Ministry and GESAV. He managed an antique shop in Bursa while working at his workshop. Sür passed away in 2009.

Images :