Yekta Kopan

Style of Art : Author, dubbing artist, TV presenter
Branch of Art : Novels, essays, TV program
Art Profile :

Yekta Kopan was born in Ankara in 1968. In his childhood, he began learning vocalization at TRT Ankara Radio at the recommendation of his father. While studying at the Business Department of Hacettepe University, he wrote poems. His first poem was published in the poetry magazine "Yarın." After graduating from Hacettepe University, Kopan moved to Istanbul. His story was published for the first time in the journal "Hayalet Gemi." Since then, Kopan has written numerous stories, essays, poems, and novels, and has been published in many national and international literary magazines and books. He wrote stories and texts for the film magazine "Altyazı" and "Eşik Cini," and served on the editorial board. Kopan contributed to publish the online magazine "AltZine." He also helped to found the Altkitap publication house. In 2006, he wrote the text of the play “İki Kişilik Bir Oyun,” which was performed by Tiyatro DOT in the International Istanbul Theater Festival. This play was also staged in Germany, Italy, and Holland. He has received many awards for his works.

Besides being a writer, Kopan works as a radio producer and dubbing artist, and presents daily culture-art program "Gece Gündüz" on NTV. Kopan currently lives and works in Istanbul.

2002, Sait Faik Story Award ("Aşk Mutfağından Yalnızlık Tarifleri," story book)
2007, Dünya Kitap Awards “the Copyright Owner of the Year” (“Karbon Kopya,” story book)
2010, Haldun Taner Story Award ("Bir de Baktım Yoksun," story book)
2010, Yunus Nadi Story Award ("Bir de Baktım Yoksun," story book)


City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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