Müesser Yeniay

Style of Art : Poet
Branch of Art : Poetry
Art Profile :

Müesser Yeniay was born in Izmir in 1984. She graduated from Ege University, with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has won several prizes in Turkey including Yunus Emre (2006), Homeros Attila İlhan (2007), Ali Riza Ertan (2009), and Enver Gökçe (2013) poetry prizes.

Her first book Dibine Düşüyor Karanlık da was published in 2009 and her second book Evimi Dağlara Kurdum is a collection of translation from world poetry. Her latest book Yeniden Çizdim Göğü was published in 2011. She has translated the poems of Persian poet Behruz Kia under the name of Lalelere Requiem. She has translated Selected Poems of Gerard Augustin together with Eray Canberk, Başak Aydınalp, Metin Cengiz (2011). Yeniay has also translated Personal Anthology of Michel Cassir together with Eray Canberk and Metin Cengiz (2011). Lately, Yeniay has published Contemporary Spanish Anthology with Metin Cengiz and Jaime B. Rosa. Yeniay has also published a book on modern Turkish Avant-garde poetry The Other Consciousness: Surrealism and The Second New (2013).

Her poems have appeared in the following magazines abroad: The Voices Project, The Bakery, Sentinel Poetry, Yellow Medicine Review, Shot Glass Journal, Poesy, Shampoo, Los Angeles Review of Books, Mediterranean Poetry (USA & England), Kritya (India), Casa Della Poesia, Libere Luci (Italy), Poeticanet, Poiein (Greece), Revue Ayna, L′oiseau de feu du Garlaban (France), Al Doha (Qatar),and Tema (Croatia).

Her poems have been translated into English, French, Serbian, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Greek, Hindi, Spanish and Romanian. Yeniay participated in many poetry festivals such as Sarajevo International Poetry Festival, September 2010 (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Nisan International Poetry Festival, May 2011 (Israel), Belgrade International Poetry Festival, September 2012 (Serbia), Voix Vives International Poetry Festival (Sete), July 2013 (France), and Kritya International Poetry Festival, September 2013 (India).

Yeniay is the editor of the literature magazine Şiirden (of Poetry). She is currently pursuing doctoral degree in Turkish literature at Bilkent University, Ankara. She is a member of PEN and the Writers Syndicate of Turkey.

Reference: siirden.net, casadellapoesia.org, thebakerypoetry.com

City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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