Mesut Şenol

Style of Art : Poet, essayist, author, editor, translator
Branch of Art : Poetry, translation
Art Profile :

Mesut Şenol was born in Isparta in 1957. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science at Ankara University. He then completed his master’s degree at his alma mater. He worked as an editor at the Directorate General for Press and Information. He served as a District Governor in different parts of Turkey. He was posted as Prime Minister’s Public Relations Head and Advisor in charge of international organizations. Upon his completion of TRT’s announcership course, Şenol presented some television and radio programs. He is an instructor on Public Relations and Public speaking, communications, non-profit organizations and volunteerism. He attended the University of Minnesota as a Humphrey Fellow from 2000 to 2001. His study focused on civic initiatives, democracy, human rights, and the management of non-profit organizations. During his time in Minnesota, he took graduate-level courses and worked with the Minnesota Council of Non-Profits. In 2005, Şenol received Distinguished Leadership Award at Minnesota University for Internationals; the selection committee cited the broad impact of his leadership at both the national and local level in the area of human rights, democracy, and non-profits.

Şenol founded the Çanakkale International Center, which is a non-governmental organization. He has also played a significant role in creating the Galipoli International Prize, which is designed to recognize achievements in the fields of peace, art, literature, and science. In June 2004, he organized the First National Conference on Nongovernmental Organizations to be held in Turkey. His work has identified him as a pioneer in the field in Turkey, and has resulted in him being approached to teach a course on nonprofits at the Biga Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Çanakkale University.

In addition, Şenol is one of the founders of, and contributes to the website as the editor for writers. His first poetry book called “Name it by Yourself” was published in 2007. Şenol serves as the manager for overseas representatives of the literary magazine called “Translator’s Note”. He has translated foreign poems from English into Turkish, and his own poems have appeared in various literary magazines. He published “Dört Mevsim Bir Aşk, Saffet-Nağme” in 2010. He has also translated best seller novels and scientific books as well. Şenol is a member of Prof. Ruhi Ayangil Turkish Music Chorus and Istanbul Europe Chorus.


City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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