Arif Keskiner

Style of Art : Writer, producer, scenarist, director
Branch of Art : Literary works, films
Art Profile :

Arif Keskiner was born in Adana, Osmaniye in 1938. After graduating from Istanbul Sultanahmet Business High School, he finished Istanbul College of Business and Commerce. He worked as director at the Ağaoğlu Publication for four years. He then worked as a publisher, sportswriter and journalist. After staying in Sweden for a while, Keskiner worked as a producer, scenarist and director for more than 40 photo romances. He started shooting films as well. He produced many films such as "Otobüs," "Kapıcılar Kralı," "Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım," "Maden," "Köşeyi Dönen Adam," and "Piyano Piyano Bacaksız." Keskiner prepared a TV series (three volumes) "Bay Alkollü Takdimimdir," which was a life story of Halit Çapın.  In 2016, Keskiner received a Nazim Hikmet Research Award in the International Eskişehir Poetry Meeting. Besides being a writer, director and producer, Keskiner manages the Association Club of Cinema Lovers.


Foundation : Doğan Kitap
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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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