Ali F. Bilir

Style of Art : Poet, author, critic
Branch of Art : Poetry, critique
Art Profile :

Ali F. Bilir was born in 1945 in Gülnar, Mersin. He attended the School of Medicine for a year, but graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Istanbul University in 1969. During his university years, he worked part-time at a tourist youth hostel in Istanbul as a reception clerk and later as a manager. He lived in Essex and London for a while to improve his English. He participated in the student and youth movements of 1968.

His poems, short stories and articles on various subjects have been published in local, regional, national, and international periodicals, magazines, and journals. Bilir has received many awards.  His poetry book "Migration Ballads" (Plain View Press, U.S. in 2008) was named by the Turkish Government one of the significant examples of Turkish written heritage. Bilir is a member of the Turkish Authors Association, Turkish Writers Syndicate, Language Association, National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS), and Big Bend Poets chapter of the Florida State Poets Association.

1990, Günes Magazine (Sweden), fiction story award, 3rd place
1993, Orhan Kemal fiction story award, 3rd place
1996, Ibrahim Yildiz poetry award, Honorable Mention for the book of Göç Türküsü (Migration Ballads)
1998, Samim Kocagöz fiction story award, 2nd place
2004, S. Avni Olez poetry award, Jury Special Prize, for the poetry book of Güz Animsamalari (Autumn Reminiscences)
2008, The people who make impressions on Mersin, awarded by the Mersin Governor′s Office and the University of Mersin

His published books:
Migration Ballads (English)
Short Stories (Turkish)
Üşüyen Sıcak Düşlerim (My Shivering Warm Dreams) (Turkish)

Göç Türküsü (Migration Ballads)
Güz Anımsamaları (Autumn Reminiscences)

Eleştiriden Günceye (From Critique to Diary)
Mersin’de Aydın Olmak (Being an Intellectual in Mersin) [co-compiler: Orhan Özdemir]

Orta Asya’dan Toroslar’a Gülnar (Gülnar – From Central Asia to Taurus Mountains)[co-author: F. Saadet Bilir]

Abdülkadir Bulut, “Kasabalı Lorca” - Yaşamöyküsü, Şiir, Yazı, Söyleşi ve Mektupları (Abdulkadir Bulut, “Lorca the Townsman” - His Life, Poems, Articles, Interviews, and Letters ) (co-author: F. Saadet Bilir)
Abdülkadir Bulut′a Sevgi Sözleri (Love Words to Abdulkadir Bulut)  (co-author: F. Saadet Bilir)


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Country : U.S.A.
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