Alev Alatlı

Style of Art : Author, columnist, economist, philosopher
Branch of Art : Novels, columns, Turkish economy, philosophy
Art Profile :

Alev Alatlı was born in Menemen, Izmir in 1944. She finished at the American High School in Tokyo, Japan, where her father was assigned as the Military Attaché to the Turkish Embassy. She studied economics and graduated from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. After her graduation, she married and went to the USA to continue her master’s degree on Development Economics and Econometrics at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee with a Fulbright Scholarship. But she changed her major and continued her study on philosophy at the Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. After returning to Turkey in 1974, she studied theology and history of thought, while she worked as an economist at the University of Istanbul and the State Planning Organization in Ankara. In addition, she was involved in the project of psycholinguistic with Prof. Dan I. Slobin of the University of California, Berkeley. She also worked as the chief editor of periodical project “Bizim English” (Our English) in partnership with Cumhuriyet newspaper. In the same period, she also contributed to the activities of the Turkish Writer’s Cooperative (YAZKO) in Istanbul.

In 1982, she quit her other activities and concentrated on writing. She published her first book “Aydın Despotizimi...” in the same year. Since then, she has written many books and columns in the Zaman newspaper. Alatlı is the head of the Board of Trustees of Cappadocia Vocational College, which is a grass-root community college designed to facilitate regional development. Currently, Alatlı continues her work in Istanbul.

Aydın Despotizmi... (1982) (novel)
Yaseminler Tüter Mi Hala? (1985) (novel)
Haberlerin Ağında İslam (1985), (translation)
İşkenceci (1986) (novel)
Filistin′in Sorunu (1986), (translation)
En Emin Yol "Akvem ül-Mesalik’li Marifat Ahval el-Memalik" Tunuslu Hayreddin Paşa (1986), (translation)
Or′da Kimse Var mı? (1. Viva La Muerte (Yaşasın ölüm) (1992), 2. Nuke Türkiye (1993), 3. Valla Kurda Yedirdin Beni (1993), 4. O.K. Musti Türkiye Tamamdır (1994))
Kadere Karşı Koy A.Ş. (1995) (novel)
Eylül′98 (1998) (poem)
Schrödinger′in Kedisi (1. Kabus (1999), 2. Rüya (2000))
Safsata Kılavuzu (2001)
Kadere Karşı Koy A.Ş. (2002), (theater play)
Şimdi Değilse Ne Zaman (2003) (non fiction, essay)
Gogol′un İzinde (1. Aydınlanma Değil Merhamet! (2004), 2. Dünya Nöbeti (2005), 3. Eyy Uhnem Eyy Uhnem (2006))
Hayır Diyebilmeli İnsan (2005) (non fiction, essay)
Hollywood′u Kapattığım Gün,(2009)  (novel)
Aklın Yolu da Bir Değildir... , (2009) (novel)


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Country : Turkey
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