Ahmet Ümit

Style of Art : Author
Branch of Art : Novels
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Ahmet Ümit was born in Gaziantep in 1960. He graduated from the Public Management Department at Marmara University in 1983 and continued his studies at the Moscow Academy of Social Sciences between 1985 and 1986. His first book, Sokağın Zulası, (The Street’s Secret Hiding Place) was published in 1989. The book which reflects the political atmosphere of the period consists of the poems of a young person who is in despair because of the death and darkness which surrounds him and his way of coping with it by sticking to his utopia. In 1990 Ümit published a culture-art magazine “Yine Hişt” with a literature group. His poem, short stories and novels were published in Yeni Yüzyıl news paper and magazines such as Adam Sanat, Yine Hişt, Öküz and Cumhuriyet Kitap. Ümit’s first book of short stories, Çıplak Ayaklıydı Gece (Barefoot Night) was published in 1992 and won the Ferit Oğuz Bayır Philosophy and Arts Award in the same year. Almost all of his works are tinged with an air of suspense: Sis ve Gece (Fog and Night) exemplifies this feeling throughout and was adopted into movie by Turgut Yasalar in 2007. Ahmet Ümit is one of the most important writers of Turkish detective fiction and some of his works such as Karanlıkta Koşanlar (by Uğur Yücel) and Şeytan Ayrıntıda Gizlidir (by Cevdet Mercan) have been made into films and TV series.

Sokağın Zulası (The Street’s Secret Hiding Place) (1989), Çıplak Ayaklıydı Gece (Barefoot Night ) (1992), Bir Ses Böler Geceyi (A Noise in the Night ) (1994), Masal İçinde Masal (Tale within a Tale) (1995), Sis ve Gece (Fog and Night ) (1996), Agatha’nın Anahtarı (Agatha’s Key) (1999), Kar Kokusu (The Fragrance of Snow) (1998), Patasana (Patasana) (2000), Kukla (Puppet) (2002), Beyoğlu Rapsodi (Beyoğlu Rhapsody) (2003), Aşk Köpekliktir (Love is Slavery) (2004), Başkomiser Nevzat (Chief Inspector Nevzat) (2005), Çiçekçinin Ölümü (Death of a Florist) (2005), Kavim (Tribe) (2006), Ninatta’nın Bileziği (Ninatta’s Bracelet) (2006), Insan Ruhunun Haritası (A Map of the Human Spirit) (2007), Olmayan Ülke (The Land That Never Was) (2008).

City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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