Ahmet Kot

Style of Art : Poet
Branch of Art : Poetry
Art Profile :

Ahmet Kot was born in Eskişehir in 1953. He studied public administration at Middle East Technical University and sociology at Istanbul University. After graduating from Istanbul University, he worked at TRT Istanbul Television. Kot served as an advisory in the Turkish Ministry of Education. He quit his job and served as one of the founders and editors of Yeryüzü Publications. Kot founded his own company, Yazıevi İletişim Hizmeteri ajansı (Article House Communication Services Agency). His poems have been published in many literary magazines. He served as a director in the Istanbul Office of the Writers Union of Turkey. In 2010, Kot served as a literary director in the Istanbul European Capital of Culture 2010 project.

Poetry books:
Şirkeler ve Sular (1988)
Hasbahçe (1989)

Reference: eokulegitim.com, al-zawiya.blogspot.com, İstanbul’un 100 Şiiri (Istanbul: İstanbul Büyükiehir Belediyesi Kültür A.Ş., Yayınları, 2010), 132.

City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :