Adnan Binyazar

Style of Art : Author, teacher, critic
Branch of Art : Novels, criticism
Art Profile :

Adnan Binyazar was born in Diyarbakır in 1934. He spent his childhood in several provinces. He finished Dicle Village Institution and the Department of Literature of Gazi Educational Institution. He served in many teachers′ training colleges such as Hacettepe University, Gazi Educational Institution, Şentepe High School, State Conservatory, and the Press College  as well as Turkish Historical Society, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Turkish Language Association. In 1978, Binyazar served as a Department Chairman of the Introduction and Publication in the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. At the same time, he was a publication director of the Magazines, "Ulusal Kültür” and “Çeviri”. He was selected as a chairman of the Publication Department in the Turkish Language Association.

In 1981, Binyazar was invited to Germany by the Educational Senator in Berlin. He prepared Türkçe Dili (Turkish Language) (6 volumes) and some readings books with İncila Özhan. Binyazar has also worked in many projects to train teachers in foreign countries including Sweden and Switzerland. In addition, he has researched Turkish folk culture and participated in many conferences, meetings and seminars in Turkey and abroad. He combined profession of teaching with writing and has written essays and novels. Between 1961 and 1966, he wrote stories for several magazines. Binyazar received an Orhan Kemal Novel Premium with his book “Ölümün Gölgesi Yok” in 2005. Currently he lives and works in Germany.

His works:
• Ağıt Toplumu (essay)
• Ay Bazen Mavidir Bütün Öyküleri
• Ayna (essay)
• Dede Korkut (folk culture)
• Duyguların Anakarası (essay)
• Halk Anlatıları (folk culture)
• Kan Turalı (folk culture)
• Masalını Yitiren Dev (biography)
• On Beş Türk Masalı (folk culture)
• Ozanlar / Yazarlar / Kitaplar (romance) 
• Ölümün Gölgesi Yok (romance)
• Şairin Kedisi (story)
• Toplum ve Edebiyat (essay)
• Yazma Öğretimi Yazma Sanatı (education)


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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / German
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