Prof. Dr. Kamran İnce

Style of Art : Artist / composer
Branch of Art : Classical music: composition
Art Profile :

Kamran İnce was born in Montana in 1960 to American and Turkish parents and lived in Turkey between 1966 and 1980. He entered the Ankara Conservatory at the age of ten where he began playing cello and piano, and taking composition lessons from İlhan Baran. In 1977 he continued further composition studies at Izmir University with Muammer Sun. He went back to the USA in 1978 and completed his master’s and doctoral degrees at the Eastman School of Music. His teachers included David Burge, Joseph Schwantner, Christopher Rouse, Samuel Adler and Barbara Kolb. In 1988 İnce moved to Ann Arbor (Michigan) to become a visiting professor at the University of Michigan. In 1992 he joined the faculty of the University of Memphis as a professor to teach composition. In addition, İnce founded the Center for Advanced Research in Music (MIAM) at Istanbul Technical University, which he has directed since 1999.

His works have been played with famous orchestras in the world. Concerts devoted to his music took place at the Holland Festival, CBC Encounter Series (Toronto), the Istanbul International Festival, Estoril Festival in Lisbon, Turkish Festival in London and the Festival of the Global Interaction on Culture in Ho Chi Minh City. His musical palette tends toward large scale works, mainly symphony orchestra or chamber ensembles, but he has also composed smaller works for ballet, solo instruments and film.

Among his recent works are: 5th Symphony Galatasaray on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Galatasaray; Requiem Without Words (2004); Turquoise for Netherlands Blazers Ensemble (2005) (NBELive CD, 2006); Hammers and Whistlers for Chorus and Orchestra on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Present Music; Last Night in Istanbul for Opus 21 (2006); Ambient Music (2007); "Gloria" for Chanticleer Mess (2007) (Warner CD, 2007).

His numerous prizes include the Prix de Rome (1987), the Guggenheim Fellowship (1987), and the Lili Boulanger Prize. His work “Waves of Talya” was counted among the list of the best chamber music in the 20th century by Chamber Music Magazine.

Currently İnce works on the project: opera “Judgment of Midas”, which was ordered by Crawford Greenewalt Jr. III. for the 50th anniversary of Sardis /Lidia excavations that have been sponsored by Harvard and Cornell Universities. The opera will be performed in 2010. Besides it, İnce also works on some another projects: the orchestra work for Istanbul 2010 and the Piano Quartet, which was ordered by Arizona Friends of Chamber Music for the Los Angeles Piano Quartet.

List of works:
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1984)
Infrared Only (1985)
Before Infrared (1986)
Ebullient Shadows (1987)
Deep Flight (1988)
Symphony No. 1 "Castles in the Air" (1989)
Lipstick (1991)
Hot, Red, Cold, Vibrant (1992)
Cascade (1993)
Plexus (1993)
Domes (1993)
Viper′s Dance derived from Symphony No. 1, 1989 revised in 1993.
Symphony No. 2 "Fall of Constantinople" (1994)
Symphony No. 3 "Siege of Vienna" (1995)
Remembering Lycia (1996)
Academica (1998)
FEST for New Music Ensemble and Orchestra (1998)
Symphony No. 4 "Sardis" (2000)
Concerto for Orchestra, Turkish Instruments (ney, kemence, 2 zurnas) and Voices (2002)

Large Ensemble:
Waves of Talya (1989)
Hammer Music (1990)
One Last Dance (1991)
Sonnet #395 (1991)
Night Passage (1992)
Arches (1994)
Evil Eye Deflector (1996)
Turquoise (1996)
Aphrodisiac (1997)
Love under Siege (1997)
Split (1998)
In White (1999) Violin Concerto
Flight Box (2001)
Istathenople (2003)
Requiem Without Words (2004)
Strange Stone (2004)
Turquoise/Strange Stone (2005)

Small Ensemble (Chamber):
Kaç ("Escape") (1983)
Köcekce (1984) (After a Black Sea folk dance)
Matinees (1989)
Fantasie of a Sudden Turtle (1990)
Tracing (1994)
Curve (1996)
Lines (1997)
MKG Variations (1998) version for cello. MKG Variations (1998) version for guitar.
Drawings (2001)

The Blue Journey (1982)
Cross Scintillations (1986)
My Friend Mozart (1987)
An Unavoidable Obsession (1988)
Kevin′s Dream (1994)
In Memoriam: 8/17/99 (1999)
Gates (2002)
Sheherazade Alive (2003)



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City : Memphis
Country : U.S.A.
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